About Me

There is an overwhelming amount of conflicting information about nutrition.  In my practice, I feel called to assist my clients in breaking down the myths surrounding “good” nutrition, and ultimately help my clients to become confident and competent eaters.  I believe that each individual has their own “inner wisdom”, an internal compass which will direct them to develop a style of eating that works for their unique body and lifestyle.  My goal is to help clients navigate through the noise and confusion, and create an environment where clients can become in-tune with their inner wisdom.  My training includes nutrition science, counseling theories and techniques course work, and motivational interviewing.  In my practice, I hold a comprehensive and holistic view of nutrition, the body, and my clients. 

Personally, I live in Athens, Ohio and I absolutely love being surrounding by the rolling hills.  I enjoy cooking, exploring the outdoors, traveling, and studying topics like social justice and size diversity.  I especially enjoy traveling to new places and exploring a culture through the local food scene.

I have also recovered from an eating disorder, which I struggled with in my late teens and early “adult” years. All throughout grade school, I was heavily involved in dance, and I also developed early (both physically and emotionally).  I was confused about the changes that were happening in my body, and I became confused about how to feed and nourish my changing body.  The road to recovery was not a clearly paved path, and I had to become my own recovery advocate.  My personal experience with recovery is one of the major driving forces for why I am passionate about helping others with eating disorders find their path towards recovery.

I can now say that I love being in my body, and I love being in my life.  I enjoy eating, cooking, and being a nutrition professional.  I have learned that eating is only one way to nourish myself, and that complete nourishment means feeding the mind, body and spirit.  If you follow me on Facebook, you will see a lot of posts and references to other ways that I nourish myself, and hopefully this will help you become inspired to find your own nourishment.

I have been asked several times to describe my personal eating style.  I usually respond by saying “it’s whatever I feel like”!  I do not follow nor do I subscribe to any one way of eating.  I do believe that our bodies are naturally gifted with the innate ability to know how it needs to be fueled; however for a lot of people this innate signaling has either been lost, stunned, or the signaling has been wired incorrectly.  I believe it is possible to rediscover and reconnect with your intuitive self, and by working with me, that’s exactly what we will strive to accomplish!

I look forward to partnering with you on your journey towards self discovery.



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